Viper Venom 32GB DDR5-6200 Spotted At $128

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A bit more than a week since we made a big deal out of what we thought would be the lowest DDR5 price point, Patriot pulls through with an even lower price on even faster parts. These are the non-RGB version of the kit we tested last spring, complete with the super high DDR5-6200 data rate at moderate (for the data rate) CAS 40 timings.

D5 non-RGB Publicity photos courtesy Patriot

Of course we’re not really seeing a drop in the price of the memory itself: This kit costs $12 less because it’s non-RGB. And you’re not really getting better IC’s at this price, since the same IC quality is required for the production of DDR5-6000 C32 as DDR5-6200 C40. Still, one number is higher (6200) and another lower ($128), so it was probably worth our time to point it out. After all, there must be some builder who was hoping to go this fast and just couldn’t come up with that last $12…right?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, an upgrade from the 12900KF to 13900K CPU, along with the required firmware, allowed us to push our overclock of Patriot’s DDR5-6200 C40 all the way to DDR5-6933 C42. Your results may vary.

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