Desktop DDR5 Now Available At Amazon (Sort Of)

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With only two days left to Christmas, Amazon’s Marketplace now offers two distinct DDR5 kits. Unfortunately, both are from scalpers.

XPG Lancer, via Amazon

The first kit is the less expensive: Adata’s 32GB XPG Lancer kit, part number AX5U5200C3816G-DCLABK, boasts straight CAS 38 (38-38-38) timings at DDR5-5200. Those numbers appear strong enough to take on the manual overclock of our Crucial DDR5-4800 review samples, and are offered with the obvious availability advantage of having eight listed in-stock (as of this writing). Marketplace partner EASYDROP US LLC isn’t exactly going easy on any wallets though, its $1040 asking price representing at least a doubling of the list price.

Not to be outdone, marketplace partner Shop_Hygenix is selling two 32GB kits of Teamgroup’s T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-6000 CAS 40, part number FF3D532G6000HC38ADC01. Not only is it faster than the competing seller’s DDR5-5200, but it’s also price at least 400% over-list. And with only two kits available, this seller just might get it.

T-Force Delta RGB DDR5, via Amazon

Looking for something in the middle? Amazon lists two sellers for Corsair’s Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5600 CAS 36 (p/n CMT32GX5M2X5600C36) for $1500, but one seller has only one kit in stock and the other has no customer review record.

Whether or not the possibility of being forced to wait for shipping only to get a refund instead is worth your time could come down to how long you’ve already been sitting on your DDR5 motherboard and corresponding Intel 12th Gen Core CPU.

Of course $1500 is still a terrible price to pay for 32GB of memory, even at DDR5-5600! Those hoping for a better price and willing to perhaps take an even greater non-delivery risk will find G.Skill’s Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-5600 at CL36-36-36-76 timings for as little as $820…again from a seller that lists only one kit and does not yet have any history…or $999 from another seller with only one in stock and a history of “fulfillment issues” that “were not due to the seller”.

But wait, there’s more! Anyone looking for the black version of the above kits will find three sellers, one with a single kit priced at $939 (history of delivery delays), a slightly more reputable seller with a single kit at $999, and a third $999 kit from the “fulfillment issue” seller listed in our previous paragraph.

The best part (for us) is that if you buy anything else from either of these links, you qualify us to maintain our Amazon Associate status…which we’re hoping will eventually pay the bills for our site. You were planning to shop at Amazon anyway, weren’t you?

Stay tuned for further DDR5 availability, and if you see something that we didn’t, don’t be afraid to drop us a note.

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